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Popes Saddlery are proud to be South Island agents for NSC saddles.

These high quality, English made saddles are designed to fit a large variety of horse shapes and sizes and take riders to the highest levels in competition. The saddle fitting process is an integral part of the purchase of a new NSC saddle and ensures optimum balance for both rider and horse.

NSC has a wide range of specialist saddles, and Sean can source the NSC saddle to suit your specific needs. Two of the most popular saddles from NSC are currently:

Aotearoa Mark II – Dressage

  • Available in standard seat 1650 and narrow seat 1350
  • Different panel solutions dependent on horse's confirmation and way of going
  • Standard Panel - appropriate for approx 60% of horses
  • Dropped Panel - appropriate for narrower or taller horses, where horse is croup high, where there is some muscle loss or if horse is still on forehand
  • Scalloped Panel - appropriate where horse is short coupled, and where shoulder impinges on stability and saddle is inclined to move either forwards or backwards
  • Different height of back rear gussets for optimum balance

Advanced Competitor – Show Jumping /Cross Country

  • English spring tree
  • Finished in calf (black, salamanca and military brown), buffalo or supplex, or in standard butt with grippy seat and pads
  • Unique design ensures optimum comfort, balance and stability and a massive amount of shoulder freedom for horse
  • Two leg projections (standard and forward) accommodate different leg lengths
  • NOW with new narrow twist as well as the standard twist - extensively used and loved by N.Z.'s top eventers.


And a relatively new saddle, that is receiving great feedback:

Pony Pro

  • From 16" to 17.5" in half inch increments finished in hide - (soft and very grippy)- excellent on ponies or shorter coupled, broader types where it is often hard to get a forward cut jumping saddle without having problems with the shoulder or the saddle slipping forward or backwards of it.

Contact us for more information about the range of NSC saddles, or to arrange a saddle fitting appointment with Sean.

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