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Products - PVC & Canvas
Popes Saddlery & Canvas can design, fabricate and repair a large range of canvas and PVC products including:

  • Ute and Trailer Covers
  • Saddle Bags
  • Storage - Custom solutions to hold your product or the tools of your trade
  • Trampoline Mats
  • PVC Mats and Shapes – PVC mats and shapes can often be recovered to look as good as new without replacing the costly foam
  • Dive/Sports Equipment bags
  • Outdoor furniture

Contact us for an obligation free quote for anything made from Canvas or PVC.

Custom ute cover.

Equipment bag.

PVC play shape

Stock crate cover

Ute cover dome fastenings

Ute cover with shock cord fastenings


Custom storage solutions

Saddle bags

PVC Wagon Top

Popes Saddlery & Canvas  Ph: 03 312 2013 E:info@popessaddlery.co.nz