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Products - Hunting/Pig Hunting

Popes Saddlery and Canvas frequently supply customised products for hunting and pig hunting.

  • Knife Sheathes
  • Rifle Bags
  • Swags
  • Protective Canvas Chaps
  • Belts
  • Pig Dog Collars
  • Pig Dog Breastplates*

* Pig Dog Breastplates – As advertised in MorePork Magazine.

We have received great feedback about these Breastplates. Priced from $145.00 plus postage, the savings in Veterinary bills ensure these quickly pay their way!

These are available in two adjustable sizes, and can be modified to your requirements.

Contact Us to discuss your Hunting or Pig Hunting requirements

Hunting Belt.

Hunting Belt with pouches

Pig dog - ready for action

Popes Saddlery & Canvas  Ph: 03 312 2013  E: popes_saddlery@xtra.co.nz